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Prices for season 2023

Our Prices at Camping Shamrock 2023

• For any booking, a 100% non-refundable deposit is required and note that if you have not arrived the day after your reservation date at 9:00, your land will be considered free for a reservation to a new camper.;
 • If a camper cancels a reservation, it may be postponed for a later date during the same season;
 • No reservations are accepted for a single night; two nights minimum only
 • For long weekends, a minimum of 3 nights is required (Patriot Day, St. John the Baptist, Canada Day, Labor Day and Thanksgiving);
 • No traveler is eligible after 21:00 even if you have a reservation.

 Weekend (2 nights minimum) = Friday at noon to Sunday at noon, it is possible to extend the departure until 20:00 for the sum of $12 plus taxes however, the land should not be reserved for that day otherwise this can not be possible.

 Short term rental (travellers)  2** and 3 services ***
 Extra Day  75.00$
 Weekend  150.00$
 Full week  500.00$
 Month  1500.00$
 Season  from 3000.00$
 Daily visitor rate   Adult: 6.00$ (12.00$ extra for the night and next day)
  Child: 4.00$ (8.00$ extra for the night and next day)
  Important: Day visitors must leave the site before 11:00 p.m.
  No visitors are accepted after 9:00 p.m. at the reception.
 Season pass (visitor)   Adult: 185.00$ 13 years old and +
 Child: 100.00$ 12 years old and -

Sale of firewood on site:
small wood for lighting $7.00/bag, log $12.00/bag and ice $3.50/bag

Camping trailer rental

 Week  1000.00$
 Month  2500.00$
 Season  Starting from 6000.00$

 Notes  Description
 ** 2 services  = Water / electricity
 *** 3 services  = Water / electricity / sewer
 Day  = from noon to noon the next day
 Weekend  = from Friday at noon to Sunday at noon

Please note that taxes are not included in the prices mentioned.

Prices payment Camping Shamrock 2023